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No customer support at zFrontier?

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the pokemon kid:
We are now coming to 1 year for the FR87. We have now been waiting for the PCB for about four months even though we are being told 2-4 weeks each time.

He has stopped replying to emails now, I am starting to think that this isn't just an issue with the FR87 but the GB runner as a whole.

there was a project update posted last January 27

There wren't any updates on The Beach wrist wrest, which was estimated to ship in December. I also sent support a message asking about any updates and I've yet to receive any response. I've emailed them in the past without any issues, so it's disappointing that support has been non-existent.

Lord. I need to update my order's shipping information, but I'm guessing that's not happening since it seems zFrontier just booked it with everyone's cash.

Wew, always thought these guys were sus after the SA Raindrop shenanigans.


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