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So, Tp4 be watching the documentary, and it' like,  the guy straight up says, 

"It takes away the joy of eating, nothing tastes the same."

You read that and it's like, ok something is horribly wrong, if "THAT" is the cure people are paying for.

So how it works is, it's a chemical that goes in the brain, and down-regulates the pathway which regulates hunger/ desire to eat/ satiation.  It's the #1 selling diet craze/fad for a few years now. People even shell out for bootleg from compound pharmacies, and based on talking to some people (in Tp4's bad people circles), Tp4 suspects they're using illegally imported Indian precursors.

I mean ozempic is a great innovation in both type 2 diabetes treatments and weight loss. A lot of countries have a lot of people who are obese and ozempic will help greatly with that. The only real concerns that I have is that once you are on ozempic, it's hard to get off it without gaining massive amounts of weight afterwards because it's the thing keeping your appetite down, which means that you aren't really practicing good eating/healthy practices and how it's being advertised, making it so that massive amounts of people buying it, to the point where there is shortages and also us healthcare system bad as well.

This video is pretty good about ozempic I'd recommend watching it.

Yeah, I asked my doc about it and she quoted me $1.2K monthly

Rich person weight loss only, I guess :(

I have a friend who is an excellent cook and loves cooking and eating, but suffers from diabetes.

He has been using it for nearly a year and says that it is very effective at keeping his diabetes at bay. He has also lost considerable weight, and yes, says that he gets very hungry when he skips it.

But I worry that it is sapping his energy and enjoyment of life ....

The brain acclimates to semaglutide the same way it would to any exogenous chemical. Over time you'd need more. The documentary already mentions that even within a year or 2, the dosage has to go up.

But what happens if someone uses this stuff for say 20 years, and suddenly comes off,  are we going to see suicides like zoloft (ssri)/ antidepressants ?

This is not a fix for anything, hesitate to even call it a good patch.


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