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Should you really go to the beach?

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Been checking out some beach homes in Cal for rich peeps. Walking along the shoreline, they're not always that far from some industrial center.

The $10-20m houses are always near a population center, and the services and goods sector which powers this density can't be logistically expensive, so they're out of sight, but you can tell their pollution washes up ashore.

There's plenty of odd color tides following the coast line along the road, and in the sand, some industrial looking  (smells like) petroleum goop here/ there. Even on the cleaner shores.

Tp4 really wouldn't trust this water.  And yet he sees people just go in, carefree. California is a major agricultural power house. Farm inputs get into this water for sure, pesticides, animal waste, carcinogenic fertilizers etc.

People guys just YOLO this water?

you spend all your time worrying, and no time living

We will all die one day. We can only control what we can control. If it's not the food we eat, it's the air we breathe, where we ship our goods from, etc.

Just make do with what we got for the time we have it.

I wouldn't also trust the san pedro beach water, since a lot of extremely toxic bacteria from the la river gets funneled down there. But I'm swimming in it, not drinking it.

As both noisy and tomahawk have said, you shouldn't worry about things like this, one swim on a beach is not gonna harm you long term. It's the same thing with you not buying japanese products cause of radiation, I don't think that's gonna turn you into one of those mutants from futurama or do long-term damage, I doubt there is that much more radiation than in other countries' products. And more dangerous things are everywhere now like microplastics, it's a shame that it's gotten to that point but worrying isn't gonna reverse it.

Just live your life, as long as there aren't big red flags you should be fine (like I get what you are saying about consuming meat, I haven't done it in ages too)


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Wed, 29 May 2024, 16:43:50 ---Been checking out some beach homes in Cal for rich peeps. Walking along the shoreline, they're not always that far from some industrial center.

People guys just YOLO this water?

--- End quote ---
No, they close the beach when it gets bad and it's not like you're drinking it.
People would be surprised how much freshwater isn't safe to drink these days.

And while you can rag on them for dirty beaches and closures at least they are trying to keep people safe, do you honestly think this is only a California problem? You know about it because they're trying to do something about it, other states/countries are just ignoring it completely, Florida and India in particular.


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