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Wooden wrist rest by Eric Barney

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Input Nirvana:
Thanks to you, I just had the idea if Eric can make rests for my Kinesis Split mod (one on each hand) that will inset into the case where you see the dark foam pads. I will have wood keys on it. At least some of it.

Generic pic
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I'm pretty sure he should be able to accomodate that request.  Good luck and post some pics if it goes through.

Truly lovely. If I thought wrist rests were a good idea (they'll ruin your wrists!) I'd definitely be asking Mr Eric Barney how he likes his cash!

Where are the imperfections you speak of! Looks flawless to me in those pictures :)

There's a small scratch, it appears, in Picture 3.
I've been trying to spread the word of his amazing project to others and I will post a review of mine when I recieve it. I hope it arrives in good condition to Israel.

I just want one now that I saw it.


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