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Filco Majestouch 2 Camouflage Tenkeyless

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--- Quote from: calavera;424902 ---So does the FN key only work as FN key or do you have the choice to switch it to windows key?
--- End quote ---

It ONLY functions as Fn key, and is not even visible outside the keyboard (it doesn't send any key codes out the USB).  This is perhaps a deal killer, as I depend upon my left Option key a lot.  I hope we can find some way of reprogramming the stupid, worthless Fn key back to whatever it should be, so that I can remap it to Option in OSX.  Otherwise, it's a great keyboard.

dip your mouse to match!


My first mechanical keyboard finally arrived this week, and it is a Filco with blue switches.

Before buying the filco, I had some serious doubts considering the clicky character of the keys. I watched a whole bunch of videos, and the switches seemed the be really loud, I was afraid getting a headache after a couple of minutes. Fortunately, the Filco's clicky sound is very well balanced: It is loud enough you clearly hear it, but not more. Well, typing on this keyboard is like music to my ears, I like it very much. Only the spacebar makes a unpleasant sound,  like the one child in the choir singing the wrong note.  I see you fast one could be able to type with this keyboard, but i am not able the handle it yet.

Well, I am going to write some papers with LaTeX with this keyboard in the next weeks, after this I will be able to make a detailed review.

Congrats and welcome to Geekhack.  Can't wait for that detailed review. =)


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