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Been wanting to make my own keyboard for a while so decided to get serious about making it this summer. I Really like the compact layout of the poker, but I need the numbers on the keypad for Blender (they have different functions from r4). Current layout is:

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 48296[/ATTACH]

The KiCAD is done minus the mounting holes, not quite sure on the spec for these, but was thinking of trying to match the poker. So if someone knows the specs there I would like them. Thought about using mobo standoffs or something like that. The controller would not mount to the board so that I can swap it out for teensy, teensy++, or whatever feels right. I don't really like LEDs on keyboards even for caps lock and such, but I may switch out the keys for the locks with ones that can mount 3mm leds. Another optional could be some dip switches, only thing i would like to swap in would be delete for backspace. Numbers are the columns and letters are the rows.

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 48295[/ATTACH]

Want to do plate mount, laser cut some e-glass or carbon fiber.

Get some pbt keycaps, KBC ones or WASD when they get out.

Switches, would like to get some clears, or blues. Can get stabilizers from WASD.

More to come.


**Need dimensions for Costar stabilizers, help a brother out.

i like the layout, but personally would make your caps lock into a fn (fn + shift = caps lock).

I'd add another key on the right side of the right shift, use it for whatever.

you can order costar stabs from wasd to take the measurements yourself. i don't have any on hand at the moment, otherwise i'd take some for you

I'm a vi user, so I'd have ESC on the first layer, and swap caps-lock and ctrl.
I love the compact layout though, with no useless fn keys, it would make the ideal layout for portable keyboards.


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