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Webstore is now open:

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techkeys sleeves now available!!


Check out custom cables sleeved cables with Bitspower sleeves! Brought to you exclusively by:   Techkeys!

Thanks for the amazing cable review Dan! Check out his blog here!!

DIY order form is now live!

Carbon Fiber is BACK!

SDL to USB, PS2, Apple Lightning, Solderable, and Filco

New sleeves added and 2 Piece is here! Would like your input! I didn't have a filco, but I just desoldering the female pcb mounted USB connector on my poker and soldered wires straight in.

Hello Everyone! Not too long after joining, I posted a picture (Picture of a shorter one also) of a sleeved cable I had a lot of fun making.  Quite a few people within the last month came to me asking for some custom sleeved USB cables.  I really enjoy this part of keyboard modifications and would love to offer my services to the community.

I have quite a bit of sleeve related materials on the way so I don’t have any completed sleeved USB cables for post yet.  I’ll post of some sample sleeves so those who are interested can get a feel for what kind of options there are.  For those of you expecting your cables next week, I will probably post those as examples once they’re done.

I do have a live order formwebsite now up where you can see what kind of sleeve options you have.  However I still need to add a few options and would like to post a few completed sleeved USB cables before more people start ordering.

Below are some quick snapshots of what the sleeves colors I am able to get. For the first picture, those samples are a much larger diameter and the weave seems porous. The USB cables will be sleeved in ¼’’ and will have a tight weave where the cable doesn't show through.

Some basic info: 6 ft Cables start at $28.00 shipped anywhere within conus48 via USPS priority mail. International shipping available. Price increases as you add options (ex: glossy/fabric heatshrink, nylon braided sleeves, carbon fiber sleeves, Kevlar sleeves, etc).  Lead time is 1-9 business days (depending on if I have your parts in stock).

If you have a more custom idea in mind, let me know and I’ll do my best to make it happen! PM me for any questions, concerns, positive/negative criticism, and/or anything else. Also, I should probably mention that I did get in touch with whiskers. He is a great guy and has been very busy lately and felt that having a second person making sleeved cables would be nice.


Completed cables:


how soon could you have a couple done for myself??
and will the mini usb part be shrinked as well? because the screenshot shows it being left open??

thumbs up for PMing whiskers :)

Wow, very nice work!  Your cables and your order form look awesome.  I'm very glad to have this kind of service available.  And huge props for contacting whiskerBox beforehand.

They look really nice ;D


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