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Happy Thanksgiving (American) GeekHackers!

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Though the holiday season is filled with broken promises, unsubstantiated claims, unrealistic expectations and all the other joys that span from being shoved in a room with everyone you avoid the rest of the year - and this only the beginning of the season - have a great Thanksgiving!



I can FEEL the love!  ;)

I do what I can.

Thanksgiving for me this year was grand. I was locked in a log cabin deep in the woods with three women and 12, count 'em, 12 cats and 2 dogs. One woman has true schizophrenic multiple personality disorder, but she's better now because a couple decades of psychotherapy has gotten her down to just 2 independant personalities. The other woman has post-traumatic stress disorder from years of being beat down-down daily by a man and to make the circle complete, she also suffers from dementia. The other woman is my pregnant chick. Lucky me!

This is not my family, my family is at least sane, but pretty conceded about wealth, which all of you guys here know I don't any of. But my family gets together with their spouse's families for Thanksgiving.

Would you guys be quick to marry into this ****? I don't really believe in God, but I don't think he'd be apt to strike me down to hell for getting my jimmy waxed and then not marrying this chick for the sole reason that her family is that messed up. It's like out of a B horror movie - they all live on the same road but haven't talked to each other since the 80's. If this relationship falls through, I'm going to put a rubber band around my set and castrate myself just so this never happens to me again. I'd be able to live fine without ever having an orgasm again if I would never have to be involved with insane country folk like this ever again.

Now I'm away from that crap and I have to go to work, and after that, I get to come home and take a big test for online lab science class.

Does this **** really get better or do we just learn to hide it?


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