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Task lighting


First off, you can see my home office setup here.  

I spend a lot of time in this space with no lights on...aside from the LCD's, that is.  Some say that it is bad for your eyes, but it is how I prefer to work.  I DO, however, need some sort of task lighting for the rare occasions that I put pen to paper (or am required to read from paper).  

I really like the "banker" lights, but am not totally set on this as a solution.  I could see some benefit in something adjustable...perhaps being able to swing it in when needed and then swing it out of my way when not.

Any suggestions?

How's about something like this or this?

Or for something that you can put wherever you want it, this, or a cheap economical option.

I always have my lamp on behind my monitor if i dont my eyes start hurting.  $10 lamp from staples w/ a nice 75 watt equivalent florescent bulb.

I have a full spectrum deal, $20 from OfficeMax.

*From an older arrangement*


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