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Who was SmallFry

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Input Nirvana:
It's touching that the few of you that have posted the last 6 months in memory of Nathan.

Thank you for the words.

I look at this thread all the time but never posted till now, Smallfry seems like a nice guy I wish I could have introduced myself to and to become a friend of, I don't know him but I wish the best for the ones who did.

He was a good guy. The way he passed is very messed up. I live in a much more rural area and unfortunately this happens like once a month. People, please slow down and drive appropriately. In his memory and everyone else this happened to.   

I was just messing around in my Steam profile and was looking through the friends list when Smallfry's name caught my eye. Completely out of nowhere I actually start to get choked up reminiscing. It's so weird how these kinds of events can come back to catch you so unexpectedly and drudge up memories.

I got a Phantom PCB the other day and it has the words 'RIP Smallfry' written on it. Reading this thread and seeing how he died and all the love people had for him, it's nice that he can have some small legacy within this hobby which he was so passionate about. Enough that someone new like me can come along years later and still get some sense of how much he meant to the community.


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