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Ebay Buying Advice - you asked for it

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Also, you should never bid on stuff when you've had coffee (up) or when you've been drinking alcohol (down). In other words, bid from the middle range of your obsession only.


--- Quote from: SamirD on Fri, 17 November 2017, 23:58:22 ---One thing I can say for buyers to avoid being caught up in the bid frenzy if you plan to snipe and bid the old-fashioned way, is to already know your limits. 

--- End quote ---

+1  ;D

Limits? What are those? Oh, you mean staying married. Well, yeah, there's that.

Also keep in mind that all anyone really needs is one buckling-spring keeb in good shape, as it'll likely last longer than you will (or, as my wife's dad would've said, "It'll see you out").

That's what I keep telling myself, anyway. I'm telling myself right now, by posting this. Yeah, that's right—just one keeb, only one... [cancelling PayPal account, giving credit cards to wife for safekeeping, lying down in quiet dark room, moaning softly]

In case anyone's still reading this thread, here's another bit of advice, though it's somewhat esoteric (what—us, esoteric?):

If you post about something on an eBay page and include an embedded link, you can omit the ? in the URL and everything after it. For example, I just posted about something at this URL:

See all that stuff after the ? ? It's just crapola eBay's using to track me. Sometimes there's a ton of it, and the URL works fine without it:

I know you guys are into precision and/or obsession, so I thought this might have some appeal around here.

Also (and this is even more esoteric), if you're wondering how I posted that first URL without it appearing as a hyperlink (whose underlining, I felt, would distract from the point), I did so by inserting an empty img tag:

[img src="" width="0" height="0"][/img]

...between the two Ts of http.

BTW, I've had coffee.


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