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Hello interested peoples.  As things progress with Bingecap I'm going to be easing into a new name for the collective effort that goes into my work.  It's a family operated thang and I feel like Bingecap was just sort of the name that was most easy to crawl into to keep everyone familiar.  I'm sure you've also noticed that I intend to do more than just keycaps.  In the future I'd even like to release some figures/functional statues along with prints, and of course the keycaps.

I intend to call this venture HungerWorkStudio = HWS = Binge + Wifu yadda yadda you get the drift :3

Talk amongst y'selves...

HWS = Homies With Skillz

When we gonna get dope audio gear?? ;) :D

Holy wicked salutation!

C-Can I commission HWS for a one-of-a-kind cap?

Haters with style
Homies with swag
Hot whisky shot
Hot water sprinkler
Hits with solidity
Holy war sergeant

Side note: Can you adopt me?


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