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[Ebay] IBM Model M Bluetooth-USB-Hybrid Controller Replacement Kit

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hey man are you still selling these kits?

yes, the project is alive and well, people just never leave any feedback after buying a kit, no clue why

I received the controller board in July and planned to have it installed before the end of that month. Life intruded and I am starting the simple install process this week. I do not expect any issues.

I saw a cheap Model M locally and couldn't resist. As long as it scrubs up OK, I'll happily buy one of these and spread some reviews around if it helps get these moving.

--- Quote from: anthorix on Thu, 26 July 2018, 13:40:35 ---maybe cus wireless things are common for portable lightweight objects and a model M isnt gonna see much transportation so its kind of a mismatched feature.

--- End quote ---

Bluetooth isn't just for portability. The HHKB which never leaves my desk is connected by Bluetooth because it makes the desk less cluttered and lets me effortlessly switch between different laptops without swapping cables, or go from work to typing on my phone or tablet when for example I want to reply to a long message. I have a Bluetooth keyboard and trackball hooked up to my media centre which never leave the lounge.

There isn't a link anywhere on this page unless I'm wrong?
Kinda hoping I am wrong because I want to see the listing but I've clicked on everything!


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