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A Little Thank You from Davina at PEXON

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A little message from Davina.

I felt compelled to write a few lines to thank both our new and loyal customers for all your kind messages of support over the last few weeks, during my recent illness. We all lead very busy lives and the fact that so many people took the time to email, text, tweet and call speaks volumes. The accident made me realise that at 58 I am not the Bionic Woman I thought I was, and I have to start acting my age and stop racing about like a Wasp. I don't think however, I am as annoying as a Wasp, well only a little bit perhaps:). No offence to Wasps, of course.

I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the kindness people have shown, through lovely messages of support not only for me but for the Pexon Team too. Suffice to say the Team have probably suffered more than me. The trauma I have inflicted upon them has been horrendous. However, I am definitely on the mend and now back at work. Interfering and annoying (Yes, just like that Wasp ‐ He He!)

Without you lovely people Pexon is nothing. Even when we took our Website down you all continued to be patient and understanding, accepting the inevitable delays in dispatching your Orders. Despite the Teams best efforts we are still a little behind with orders, however, we will not compromise on quality and we will do our utmost to complete orders as soon as possible.

Thank you all again for your continued support. I hope you have a lovely day.

Kindest regards, Davina

I'm glad she's better now :) She definitely isn't as annoying as a wasp, I always like the notes I get with my Pexon orders!

Keep it up all :)

Cheers Nick, all back at work 100% now, all healed up without any further complications :D

Glad to hear it Davina, and welcome back. :thumb:


--- Quote from: mobbo on Thu, 25 February 2016, 06:32:13 ---Glad to hear it Davina, and welcome back. :thumb:

--- End quote ---

Good stuff!, do you still have my message i sent about getting another 8pin pcie cable made up?.


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