Author Topic: Quick Disconnect Connectors?  (Read 1546 times)

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Quick Disconnect Connectors?
« on: Wed, 06 February 2019, 10:13:16 »
Like the Aviation connectors, but not those that are used by every cable manufacturer. I know I can essentially use any type that has 4 or more pins, and a male/female receptacle, but I'm curious if there are people here who know of anything unique or cool looking.

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Re: Quick Disconnect Connectors?
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 06 February 2019, 13:13:33 »
for what use? application will dictate size & requirements of connector.
and what do the "aviation connectors" your talking about look like? Viterbi, Apple m0110, Apple m0120, Apple m0110a, Apple 658-4081, Apple M1242, Apple AEK II, MK96, GH60/Pure, Cherry g84-4100, Adesso AKP-220B, Magicforce 68