Author Topic: Realforce Hi Pro keys stuck or not actuating  (Read 702 times)

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Realforce Hi Pro keys stuck or not actuating
« on: Sun, 23 July 2017, 22:01:52 »
I recently lubed my Realforce 104UG sliders. 

i recently lubed the sliders (didn"t add too much)< but i"ve had issues with keys not activating or keys getting stuck> namely the shift keys ive checked over and over again and cleaned out the lube but the shift keys still only work sometimes or not at all or sometimes get stuck>> very frustrating as i keep having to unscrew everything to try again > let me know if you can help

I left the keyboard up on books, keys face-down without any screws in. Typing on the upside keyboard, the shift keys work fine. They work properly and adjust case without any issues. Now if I screw the board on and there issues.. there is some issue caused by the screws..

If I just keep the PCB bare and test with just springs and domes, everything works as expected. Now the backspace is getting "stuck" as if the key is held down and keeps repeating for a while.. gotta be something with the sliders, domes or springs..

Edit: Interestingly enough, I put it back up on the rack and loosened all the silver screws (black ones are out for now) and it works perfectly. I've never heard of something like screws
being too tight.. but getting closer. Thanks for your input

Edit 2: found a set of about 6 screws around the center of the keyboard where the enter and left shift are and if I tighten any of them all the way, the enter key gets stuck or doesn't work at all. I've never come across this but I wonder why it's a new behavior since I've take this board apart dozens of times and always tighten everything

Edit 3: With loosened screws, everything works fine. Flipping it over with keys facing upwards is enough to effect the behavior of backspace and enter, preventing actuation or causing repeating actuation. The keys are popping back up. No way the domes are getting stuck in a down position.

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Re: Realforce Hi Pro keys stuck or not actuating
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 23 July 2017, 22:15:40 »
reassembling a topre board is fiddly, because there are so many screws and the domes tend to get displaced

when you're reassembling, having the dome sit upside down with their springs in place helps everything align with the pcb. even the tiniest displacement of a dome could result in a badly behaving key like what you're getting

when you're putting the screws back in, make sure you're really spreading the load gradually across the board. a bad example of this would be to screw in 4 screws on one side 100% of the way, before moving on to the rest of the board. this causes a lot of uneven pressure on the pcb/dome/plate sandwich. a better example would be to tighten a screw in the top left 50%, then tighten a screw in the bottom right 50%, then the top right, etc etc then gradually tightening screws in symmetrical groups so that the pcb is evenly attached to the plate
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Re: Realforce Hi Pro keys stuck or not actuating
« Reply #2 on: Mon, 24 July 2017, 08:38:08 »
Good advice. I'll try to screw everything in more evenly.  Typically I do as you say and lay the PCB on top of the domes and springs upside down so I can line everything up correctly.