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I got a hold of Cherry today

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--- Quote from: victheslik ---Yes I am new to the forum, Hi  :D
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Welcome to geekhack!  :)

We are a small community...but seem to be growing a bit lately.
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Thanks for the warm welcome iMav; I was attracted here due to the amount of "intelligent remarks" made about the keyboards.



--- Quote from: xsphat ---Someone from Cherry got back to me, a guy named Ed, and he told me that Cherry doesn't even make a keyboard for the US with the blue stems. He said they do for other countries, because there isn't to much demand for the clicky style switches in America anymore. he said they are are still in high demand in Europe, though. He pointed me to DAS keyboard II for the blue sliders, and this was the only one he was aware of that uses these switches. This is weird, because on the DAS II site, they have a picture of the black stemmed Cherry switch, but we all know that one clicks. He never heard of the iOne Scorpious M10.

So there you have it, we'll all have to plan a great exodus and travel the world in favor of clicky keyboards.
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I wonder where can i get one of those(ione scorpious m10 or DAS II  keyboard) in europe, the problem is that the ione rep from the european site said they're not selling the scorpious m10 keyboard and i have yet to see an european store for the DAS II keyboard.


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