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The Compboard - A Custom, Composite, Mechanical Keyboard

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Hello, I was super inspired by your post and have purchased relegendable keycaps myself to try creating unique keycaps myself.

I was curious if you'd be able to send me the psd file you used to so I can use it for size references. I would highly appreciate it and will credit you when my build is complete. I won't be using your files to copy the design or the concept but I would like to know the details like dimensions for each sides and use your psd/ai file as a reference.

Also, I was curious on how you managed to pop off the clear part/layer from the keycap? I just popped one in to see what it looks like and am having trouble taking it off  :-[

Do let me know and thank you.

Do you still have the psd files? I would really like to use these for a build I am working on, and am not too familiar with photo shop guides.


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