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Because face sets are underrated right?

This was originally going to stay as an April Fool's joke for r/MK (original post: ) but I got some comments saying they would actually buy it, so I touched up the concept and would like further feedback on how to make the set even better! I do really like how the base kit looks right now so any ideas for additions or refinements would be great to hear. Also this is my first time posting on this site so sorry if the formatting looks a bit off :/

Now obviously this is a Minecraft inspired keycap set, and the colors reflect that with the design one-to-one as they're really just ripped from the Steve skin in-game...

Filling out this feedback form would be greatly appreciated!

(Also heres a flat render: )

No shot.

Please don't


I implore you to join the keycap designers discord if you really want to design sets. Firstly, GMK will not run this because it uses intellectual property, and your title shows that you haven't even considered that. Furthermore, I don't think this concept could hit MOQ naturally (by that I mean without vendors practically buying out the set).

If you really want a Minecraft themed set, ditch the Steve face and try to find things in game that you think would make for a cool themed set. No faces, just basic colors to begin with. Eventually you could do novelties, but as I said, GMK is very strict as of late about using IP. Again, the keycap designers discord would show you the ropes, but there's a lot that goes into making a keycap set that I don't think you are considering at this time.


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