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Best switches for moonlander?

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The only mechanical keyboard I own is my HHKB, which I love the feel of. I'm looking at the Moonlander, which can be configured with brown/blue cherry, and a lot of kaliah switches. I read that kaliah is a cheap Chinese knock off of cherry which makes me feel like for longevity and consistency I should stick to the cherry. Which one is more ergo friendly for long programming sessions, blue or brown?

I'm thinking about getting the Moonlander with Kailh Speed Silver, since it has been argued they are silent + very smooth. Since I come from Topre (R2), that is exactly what I am looking for. I had MX browns, which to me are just scratchy. I have had MX clears. I like those a lot, but they are also scratchy. Overall, most of my MX boards are scratchy. I don't really like that (perhaps I should lube them).

If the Moonlander had a Topre-option I probably would have bought it already.. I have been driving Topre boards for a couple of years exclusively now. I guess there is a reason I stick with it.

 Cherry is trash. Get a Chinese switch like JWK, tecsee, or Gazzew.


--- Quote from: kajahtaa on Sat, 14 August 2021, 16:04:58 --- Cherry is trash. Get a Chinese switch like JWK, tecsee, or Gazzew.

--- End quote ---

Care to explain?

Unfortunately you can't order the Moonlander without switches and save some (relatively tiny amount of) money, even if you are planning to use some "premium enthusiast switch" from the start.
So, it wouldn't be stupid to pick a switch with a higher likelihood of being one that you could like.

Kailh's and Cherry's quality is comparable, in my opinion. The issue is which switch characteristic you are likely to enjoy the most, and that is largely up to personal taste.

My personal opinions:
 - I wouldn't use a "speed" switch for typing. The pre-travel is too short. The Kalh Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper switches are all "speed" switches.
 - I like to install O-rings for sound damping. You can't use O-rings with BOX switches.
... and that would leave Cherry MX Blue and Brown.
Of these, I would choose MX Blue if I'm going to use it at home and don't have to care about the noise. I would still use them with O-rings, to isolate the click sound from the sound of bottoming out. I would also lubricate them.

However,.. the Kailh BOX Brown switch also has some fans. It is slightly more tactile than Cherry MX Brown, with the tactile point higher up ... but not as tactile as many tactile enthusiast switches or Cherry MX Clear.


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