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Quick Question: Are there any 3x6 split dactyl keyboards that I can buy?


Title speaks for itself.
I got into the rabbit hole of building keyboards after building my Corne v3! :D
Basically, one day I found out about the Skeletyl DIY kit from my friend mentioning it in a group chat, and now I really want to build a dactyl that can support my 3x6 layout.

Main reasons why I don't want to get the normal Dactyl Manuform:
- Too many thumb keys
- I really like the "skeleton"-like case on the Skeletyl
- Hand-wiring intimidates me
- The 2 extra keys under XC and ,. are kinda weird and I don't think I'll use them lol

Well, that's about it.

get it from the source....
believe the one your talking about is the TBK Mini

Can't believe I missed that when I visited the website. Thank you so much!! :)


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