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[IC] Size.L 80% Custom Kit - Not From Sam
« on: Fri, 04 March 2022, 21:29:41 »
Hi everyone!

Today we will show you our new kit -Size.l 80% custom kit. We plan to do a small GB for Size. L, limited to 50 Units. Including 40 default kits and 10 Mystery boxes.


The Mystery box kit :

-Top case: Coated Black

-Middle Case: Coated Black

-Bottom case color random: PVD Gold or PVD Silver or PVD Mirror or PVD Prism bottom case





Army Geen

Mystery Box

E-white and Mystery box will be $349, Other prices $319.


-Top Mount

-Aluminum alloy top and middle and bottom case

-Fr4 plate-PVD brass weight and brass name badge

-PCB: Soldered Flex Cut PCB, TYPE-C interface, VIA support

-Poron foam kits-Weight: 2.5kg+

The Default kit will include:-Alu top +middle +bottom case * 1

-Soldered PCB *1

-Brass name badge+ Brass weight*1

-Brass Strip*2

-Fr4 plate*1

-Poron Foam kits*1

-Carrying case*1

Shipping time: About One Month

Know more updates, Join our Discord server. Thank you.

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Re: [IC] Size.L 80% Custom Kit - Not From Sam
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 05 March 2022, 02:33:14 »
Wow what a cool unique bottom design. The blue colors looks very nice  :thumb: