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Title: System76 Launch
Post by: Zobeid Zuma on Thu, 13 May 2021, 16:24:12
This has been teased for months, but it was finally unveiled and opened for pre-orders, supposedly shipping in June. . .

System76 Launch →

I was curious and kind of interested, but I doubted they would produce anything I'd actually want to buy.  I've already built my own "endgame" keyboard and thought I was done.  (This is why I haven't been around here for A While.)  Also, I am a die-hard member off the split spacebar cult, and there was obviously no way they were going to put a split spacebar on this thing, haha!

Well, daaayum!  They actually did it.  Split spacebar!  Fully configurable with their own utility (which runs on Linux, obviously!) or QMK.  Hot swap sockets.  Kailh Box switches.  (Although not offered with the Burnt Oranges that I personally favor.)  Entire board with only 1U, 1ŻU and 2U keycaps, making them easy to rearrange as desired.  It's not a layout that I personally would have designed, but it looks highly functional.

So, somebody on Reddit already described it as "trash" because they can't buy off-the-shelf keycap sets for it.  Is that what people really care about these days?  I can always throw some money at PMK and have them print whatever I want (and I have done so before), so a non-standard layout doesn't bug me that much.