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Update: LandCaps Artisans

Would love if this became a thing. It's on!

Looks really good ! Will def keep an eye (too bad it's GMK though but I get it)


--- Quote from: avatarziko on Tue, 14 December 2021, 14:11:58 ---Would love if this became a thing. It's on!

--- End quote ---

Oh, someone curious found my lead vendor ha-ha

It will definitely become a thing, i've sent final vectors for arabic sublegends couple weeks ago, so we are just waiting for the quotes now, hopefully new info will be released within 2 weeks from now

--- Quote from: shendoo on Sat, 18 December 2021, 21:51:45 ---Looks really good ! Will def keep an eye (too bad it's GMK though but I get it)

--- End quote ---

I know that a lot of people are disappointed with GMK production timeline these days and i really get it. But the thing is i don't really see a good competitor out there, maybe only a EPBT/JTK but their production time is no better (see epbt samurai as an example) and the prices are not far away from GMK either.

Any other chinese manufacture that popping up all over lately i consider lack a quality: keycap surface roughness, legends size and misalignments, crocked stems, color inconsistence. Some people would not even see those imperfections at the first glance but to me this is a huge red light when it comes to keycaps. So the way i see it - we are stuck with GMK at least for now and foreseeable future, especially if you want to have a quality set of plastic for your keeb.

I'm hoping that in 2022 GMK will keep their promises regarding factory capacity expansion and the keycaps will be made in like 5-6 months after GB

Update: HIBI Artisan


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