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make a new case with a blocker between the arrow cluster, like the KBD67 and many other customs  :thumb:

I cannot use the Fn key on this keyboard which basically means there is no way to press F1-F10 keys.

Or does the driver already exists but I don't know?


--- Quote from: Prelim on Fri, 22 May 2020, 06:08:04 ---make a new case with a blocker between the arrow cluster, like the KBD67 and many other customs  :thumb:

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--- Quote from: Handke on Fri, 22 May 2020, 05:15:23 ---Agreed, I'm not going to buy this if there isn't an open source firmware; I don't understand what does this have to do with your own code??? I don't want your code.
There are many brilliant persons here on geekhack that are able to design a pcb from scratch, and you tell me that you can't supply us with an opensource keyboard? This is really impossible to understand.

I've already said that this layout is very strange... Everyone is selling TKL keyboards, and they're a success, and now we have this c70 layout that I don't like at all.

I hope that in the future you can make a tkl layout with an open source firmware.
I wonder if you asked yourself why a keyboard designed by GMK sold way LESS than a a random nice tkl keyboard group buy designed by some keyboard enthusiast that have another job. Take a random keyboard group buy and you'll see that they sell more than your product sold on massdrop. This has to mean something. People here know more about what the community wants than you do.

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This keyboard is old, it is from the eighties.


--- Quote from: woodruff on Mon, 23 September 2019, 04:14:17 ---
This c70 layout is only 2cm smaller than a tkl, so the space gain is so small that it is absolutely neglegible. With a tkl layout you have many more keys, and you have some nice gaps on the case / plate that show the beautiful material that you used for the case.

My suggestion for your next keyboard??? Not an improbable full keyboard, not another new and incompatible layout, but I'd suggest a tkl keyboard.

Don't you dare ;-) to use again a proprietary firmware.

If you're going to sell again the c70, you should bundle some extra keycaps to make your doubleshot set usable at least on a tkl (given that a 1u keycap cost less than 0.4 usd, the increment is neglegible).

Please make an iso keyboard, and deliver it from europe, not from the usa and expect us to spend 35% of the original price in import taxes.

About the 100% keyboard sold on uniqey, I can live with all the wrong layouts, but having a de layout is not acceptable. If you gave me an extra z and y, and a scooped f and j, that would completely fix it for me. At least the A-Z keys should be correct, I don't ask anything more than that.

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