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--- Quote from: fr08 on Sat, 10 August 2019, 20:45:35 ---Been waiting for the iso version for a year or so now lol

It's not a quick process with Uniqey is it... In January they said that a Nordic set for was "under manufacturing already". It's almost as if that wasn't true or something...

--- End quote ---

We are still working on scheduling time to manufacture it. We have been so slammed with other orders and put our vendors before making our own sets. That being said we are already getting a new machine to increase our manufacturing capabilities by 25%, and hopefully get this set made as well.


--- Quote from: Ah_Pook on Thu, 29 August 2019, 16:50:46 ---Where’s the OSX software?

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I believe our first line of business with the software is to have a web based version available first, then we will work on dedicated downloadable programs if there is interest

when again ? ;)

Hello, I'm sure that your c70 is a super high quality keyboard, nevertheless here are my observations.

This c70 layout is only 2cm smaller than a tkl, so the space gain is so small that it is absolutely neglegible. With a tkl layout you have many more keys, and you have some nice gaps on the case / plate that show the beautiful material that you used for the case.

My suggestion for your next keyboard??? Not an improbable full keyboard, not another new and incompatible layout, but I'd suggest a tkl keyboard. sold 10 thousands tkl keyboards, it's probably their most successful drop for a keyboard. I'd suggest to make a keyboard which is compatible and interchangeable (case and pcb swap), with the massdrop tkl keyboard. How can it be that hard to have some standardization???? Each and every tkl designer uses his own proprietarcy pcb and case, while all 60% keyboards are interchangable. That is insane.

Don't you dare ;-) to use again a proprietary firmware. We have tmk, we have qmk, we have a gui for qmk and you should make a keyboard compatible with that. I'm not going to buy a keyboard which uses your firmware. I hate proprietary firmwares that after one year aren't supported anymore. On there are a lot of negative comments about your firmware, in stability and in compatibility (does it work with mac, and with linux? do I have to be an administrator to install your firmware, really????). We don't deserve that, not after spending 250 bucks for a keyboard. I hope that I don't sound impolite, but how much does a software developer cost? And how does that impact on the sale price of a keyboard that was sold in 200 pieces only? 10 eur each keyboard? 20? That's a big impact.

Your new keyboard should have adjustable feet. People have different preferences, sometimes we have a chair or a table which can't be tailored to our needs, but the keyboard should allow some flexibility.

If you're going to sell again the c70, you should bundle some extra keycaps to make your doubleshot set usable at least on a tkl (given that a 1u keycap cost less than 0.4 usd, the increment is neglegible).

Please make an iso keyboard, and deliver it from europe, not from the usa and expect us to spend 35% of the original price in import taxes.

Still about the c70, on massdrop I've seen a comment that states that ""1. Bigger space between g & h keys." Does it mean that the g and h switches have a non standard spacing??

About the 100% keyboard sold on uniqey, I can live with all the wrong layouts, but having a de layout is not acceptable. If you gave me an extra z and y, and a scooped f and j, that would completely fix it for me. At least the A-Z keys should be correct, I don't ask anything more than that.

Thanks for being here and for listening to us.

Have a nice day!


--- Quote from: woodruff on Mon, 23 September 2019, 04:14:17 ---If you're going to sell again the c70,

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They are selling it again.


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