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[CLOSED][GB] HifiFox X Domikey Red Bean Keycaps


红豆生南国 ,(Red berries grow in southern land.)

春来发几枝? (How many load in spring the trees?)

愿君多采撷, (Gather them till full is your hand,)

此物最相思. (They would revive fond memories. )

( 相思 王维 Love Seeds - translated by Xu Yuan Chong)

Because of the poem 《相思 》, Red bean is connected with memories. which could be homesick, thinking of our lovers, our brothers and sisters and cousins, even the love of our parents.

At coming of the Chinese New Year, HifiFox Studio brings the Red Bean theme to the community.


In order to express the deep meaning of Red Bean, HifiFox chooses the typical colours - Deep Red and Blueish-green as the theme colour.

When doing samples, HifiFox tries to make the main theme colour darker so that to give the theme more Chinese traditional style - rich and vibrant.

Working with Domikey, the keycap uses semi-transparent technique. In some senses, making the darker colour theme not too dark to be unbreathable.

Novelties, HifiFox uses doubleshot technique for Novelties as well.


* Cherry Profile
* ABS Doubleshot
* Groupbuy Timeframe
GB starts on 18th January 2024 PST
GB closes on 18th February 2024 PST
Estimated Delivery in May 2024

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