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What are you watching? The thread about what you're watching.

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--- Quote from: HoffmanMyster on Sat, 06 February 2016, 00:46:25 ---
--- Quote from: hwood34 on Fri, 05 February 2016, 23:56:00 ---Harvey Birdman

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As my avatar may suggest, I am a fan.  ;D

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I just wish it was a bit longer, I got through two seasons in a day :(


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--- Quote from: romevi on Fri, 05 February 2016, 23:37:43 ---
--- Quote from: HoffmanMyster on Fri, 05 February 2016, 23:27:56 ---Oh man. I should just post my spreadsheet here.  :))

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How many things can you watch at the same time?! I'd lose details.

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Hence the spreadsheet! :)) I need to update it tomorrow, then I'll share it. During college I was watching 20+ shows on the air, but it has since settled down and I'm working through my backlog of shows that have already aired.

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This is why I love Plex.  It tracks it for me.  Personal collection is outrageous.  And this is post-scrub and rebuild.  I still have a TON of movies on my old JBOD array that I haven't had time to move yet.

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. I was thinking of using Plex, but isn't it if you have a large digital collection?

Life Itself, the Roger Ebert documentary.

Had severe eyegasms while watching this incredibly colored masterpiece.

I'm gonna do something about it with my bud Zambuban.

Arrested development.

Today's film list:
* Rango
* Dallas buyers club
* True grit


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