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What are you watching? The thread about what you're watching.

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Oh god, that cover already makes Tp4 stressful.


--- Quote from: phinix on Sun, 21 April 2024, 17:58:32 ---Baby Reindeer

Holy ****... this is some serious story there. I felt stressed during some intense scenes. Worth to watch it, tp.

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That poster... it intrigued me already Imma save it on my watch list

Favorite quote, Do you think these make me look gay?

Boondock Saints 2.


mmm... Ok yea technically he's exacting revenge on rich people, and that is justified, but he's killing caricature rich villains, when regular mega corp CEOs are just as if not more deserving of comeuppance.

Autómata (2014), the plot slightly surpasses Blade Runner 2049. 

If it had a higher budget, or a sequel, that'd be very interesting.


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