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Build your Dream Keyboard under $500

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Form Factor: TKL with Media Keys.
Switch Type: Plate-mounted Cherry MX (choice of Red, Black, Blue, Brown, Clear...for the gamer set, an extra cost option of MX Brown with MX Black WASD and arrows might be appealing).
Frame Color/Build/Materials: dark gray matte aluminum.
Keycap Plastic/Color: Dye-sub dark gray PBT with black lettering.
Key Rollover: NKRO over USB (if Mac compatibility becomes an issue, add a switch to set it to 6KRO).
Other Features (here's where it gets interesting): IDI or similarly powerful onboard scripting/programmability, TrackPoint(tm)-style pointing device with 4-5 buttons located below the spacebar, onboard Bluetooth with a toggle button that you could press to have your keyboard send input to your iPhone (or other device) rather than to your computer.

Basically, a nicer version of what I put on the Practical Keyboards thread.

Form Factor: 60%
Switch Type: MX reds pcb mount
Frame Color / Build / Material: White POM
Keycap plastic / color: White Cherry profile POM
Key rollover: 6KRO
Other features (as many as you want): detachable cable, programmable, white pcb.
So basically I want a Poker in all white that is programmable since the 2nd layer sucks on stock production.

Hak Foo:
Form Factor:  120%.  104 plus two repetitions of the top row as programmable keys.  Cherry does a MY board like this, but no MX.

Switch Type:  White Fukka
Frame Color / Build / Material:  Black plastic
Keycap plastic / color: Two-tone greys, lettering like Round 3 group buy.
Key rollover: 6KRO over USB
Other features (as many as you want):  Programmable in firmware, at least 128 strokes per key.

Form Factor: tkl
Switch Type: blues with 62g springs
Frame Color / Build / Material: alum powdercoated red
Keycap plastic / color: black on white cherry ds set
Key rollover: 6

Form Factor: ErgoDox
Switch Type: Buckling Spring or MX Green
Frame: Anodized Aluminium (black or silver)
Keycap Plastic / Color: PBT, Cream Cheese and Green
Key rollover: 6KRO over USB
Other features (as many as you want): Detachable USB cable. Fully programmable with 4+ layers.


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