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Cherry Switch Shortage

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I can buy that.

I mean after all, who knew noisy keyboards could be so enticing?

I've personally seen on other tech forums, just a few members (3-4) talking about how much better mechanical boards are verses rubber domes. I would say 20 more forum members bought mech boards based on what those 3-4 members were talking about

You'll know when mechanical boards become mainstream when Logitech starts stocking their own.

Mechanical keyboards are increasing in popularity.  Cherry has probably seen a spike in demand over the last couple of years.

Maybe they'll pull their heads out and start making doubleshots again... :madgrin:

I don't know, if you look at the second 7Bit mx switch GB, it's pretty clear There is no stock of pretty much anything for switches right now (Especially PCB mounted). Not Unsurprisingly (and maybe why there is some IC for MX Green boards), the more rare switches (Green and White) have stock available directly from Cherry. Anyways if you want to check out how bad the shortage is, just check out the ETA dates in 7bit's Round 2 switch buy.



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