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I wanted to let everyone know that we do have a system in place for reading and writing reviews for the keyboards you view on

I'm working on making this more obvious, but here's a screenshot in the meantime to show you were to look to read / write reviews.  

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Reviews are pretty slim at this point, but I'm hoping we'll have sort of a snowball effect once people start to contribute.

If you have time to leave even a short 1 or 2 sentence review, it may still help those trying to decide on the right keyboard. We're also interested in reviews from people of varying technical levels.  KBL / Ripster level knowledge is NOT required.  Many people often really appreciate a layman's perspective - especially on the lesser known keyboards / brands.

You are NOT required to have an account to submit a review, so there's no lengthy sign up / sign in process.  Just click the tab, fill out 3 fields, and click 'Submit'.

Please let me know if any Q's or concerns.  Thanks!


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