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I wanted to post and let fellow geekhack members know about how great these guys are.

I ordered a black kbt race 75% with cherry red switches from
I received it very promptly but upon plugging it a bunch of the led's were not working. (numbers 1-10)
so I called them up and told them and had me rma the board no questions asked.

then the second keyboard came and it also had issues (the gaming cluster would only light up in the lowest brightness setting).

I RMA'd the second one and I am typing this on the third keyboard.

this one is perfect so far and I basically wanted to state that regardless of the fail QA/QC at KBT/Vortex, stands behind there products and ensures that there customers are happy.

thank you so much!

Thank you for your kind words! 

I'm sorry to hear you had to swap so many keyboards.  We always strive to make a bad situation better!


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