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Merry Christmas Geekhack!

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I'm seeing the same as kmiller8 using chrome

I THINK it's fixed now. If anybody can confirm that'd be more than appreciated!

EDIT: Thanks km/Halv! If anyone else is having trouble viewing our website please let us know! We'd truly appreciate it!

Fixed now!

Merry Merry Christmas Keypop!

Will be placing an order most soon :D

Looks like the css just wasn't loading.  Anyway nice sales!  I'm a sucker for that X_X smiley pack :)


--- Quote from: Dgsbllx on Tue, 18 December 2012, 14:08:45 ---Site isn't loading for me 100% either. I only placed an order the other day for the Glow in the Dark set as well  :(

--- End quote ---
Drop us a pm with your paypal transaction # and we'll refund your shipping as long as if fulfills the $15 minimum(excluding shipping costs). Hope that helps!


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