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BSP keys with dyesub printed 103 pcs keycaps Group buy round 2

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Hi guys, just wanted to mention that I'm still looking for R2 Desko, shoot me a PM if anyone's got a set for sale, thanks!


--- Quote from: phoenix1234 on Fri, 19 June 2015, 23:19:13 ---I'm still waiting mine.
As imsto said, he is still waiting for space bar from GMK, probably the one with correct colour.

BTW, why are so many people looking for the Cyrillic set instead of the Desko one?
In my opinion, the Desko is also very interesting.
Here is my Desko on G80-1000 from the 1st BSP GB.

(Attachment Link)

--- End quote ---

The only thing bad about the Desko set is that I do not have one, yet.

hi guys, does someone still have R5 windows caps from this GB, who might sell me?


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