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Looking for a Quickfire TK but can't find one

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The CM Quickfire TK limited edition white body keyboard was never offered with MX green switches and the Quickfire TK Stealth never offered it either. I'm not even sure that they had the white body with an MX blue combination either.

Your best bet is going to be either find a white body one offered in MX browns or reds (I believe it was only offered in these two switches) and desolder, then solder back in MX greens or blues; or find a normal Quickfire TK in MX blues/greens and paint the case white.

I will buy a white one with browns and a normal one with blues from and exchange the housing. Than I just need to put on the MAX Translucent keyset and i'm done. my ultimate keyboard.

If i find some green switches i can change some of them in the future. do you know where to get 10 or 15 greens for a good price?

Why would you buy two keyboards? That just sounds a little silly if it's just for the switches.
Just get someone like DrHubblePhD to solder in green switches at the cost of the switches; meaning that he has a free soldering service.

Soldering is not the problem. But when I buy 2 keyboards and change the case, I can keep one and sell the other without big loss because it's like new. I don't know how easy it is to desolder the switches in a quickfire. maybe it's not that easy. And I think I can sell a US layout in europe pretty well. Sadly that's hard to get here.

But my plans got destroyed by taxes. It's simply too expensive.

Update: **** it. I just bought a white one with browns at mechkb. When I'm feeling lucky again I will get some blues and greens and solder them in. Then I'll buy the keyset I want and I'll be happy.

Thx anyways guys!

If you ARE looking to sell a brown/white TK I would love to take it off your hands.  And if you could give me a deal on it I would be grateful.  I am not the most wealthy person on GeekHack.


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