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Topre Dome Replacements (Complete? Wasn't a GB tho.)

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--- Quote from: duynguyenle on Mon, 22 August 2016, 11:07:59 ---
--- Quote from: xondat on Mon, 22 August 2016, 10:49:30 ---You're putting a 10g switch under the keycap/on the stem, not in the keyboard itself. Effectively it will add 10g.

--- End quote ---

I see, I think I misunderstood, I thought we are trying to replace the capacitive spring under the dome itself.

--- End quote ---
Those would be way too hard to recreate. But you're right, it's the domes that depict the weight.


Very interesting.

Definitely want to try this out.

Very interested in springs identical to novatouch.

But obviously it all depends on the price ;-)

How about a spring that will get more heavier if it is depress more, to give cushion when the dome collapse.


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