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Topre Dome Replacements (Complete? Wasn't a GB tho.)

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Switched back to stock domes after months. I have no idea which I prefer, but I'll stick with stock for now. BKE Redux are great though.

I recently installed one of each in a Realforce 104, under the four keys located to the right of the spacebar (light -> heavy), with Hypersphere'd sliders from a HHKB Pro 2. The ultra light dome feels quite similar to 45 g Topre domes IMO. The light dome feels somewhat heavier, maybe like 55 g Topre (I haven't tried those though)? I can't imagine that I'd like to install heavy or extreme domes in a full keyboard.

Note that since I only installed one of each, it's not really possible to draw any conclusions about how the domes would feel if they were installed in the entire keyboard.

I tried installing an ultra light, a light, and a heavy dome in my HHKB, but there I only liked the ultra light dome. So in my opinion, the feel of the domes will also depend on the keyboard they're used in.

In terms of installation, it's very hard to get right in one try. It's easy for the keys to somehow stick if they are depressed completely. I imagine it'd be a nightmare to install ~ 100 of them in the same keyboard.

Any chance for, or interest in, a special run of neon pink Extreme domes?


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