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R4 Zealio Switch/Zeal60RGB/Zealencio Silencing Clips/Transparent Screw-in Stabs!

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Just ordered 70 62g switches and some of those sexy stabilizers.

Think I'll make a GH 60 board with them :D have a new plate I can use too

Are the stab plastics compatible with SPRiT's wires (this would solve the 7u vs 6,25u problem for me since I still have wires)?

Either way, I'll definitely need stabs, so I'll order those early and push in a few switches next month, that way I'll have the early shipping even though I have to wait for money :)

Picked up some 67g for a ps2avr build that's coming up, great timing. Although I'd also love to grab the Zeal60 board, I just picked up the sentraq s60 and theres a KB V60 on eBay going cheap with MX Clears, then of course the Minivan...  :-[

Zeal, how would one remove the silencing clips if it needed to be removed (change leds, fix switch, etc.)?

have 78g's...have 67g' ordered 65's and enough silencing clips to cover many boards to come. Its been a very zealio christmas all year :thumb:


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