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Difference in quality between different rounds of Zealios

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I've been buying Zealios 62g for over a year, and I've noticed a big difference in quality between rounds:

- R6: normal bump, smooth travel, almost no spring noise
- R8 & R10: sharper bump, a bit scratchier and like 30% of them sound like they have an old mattress spring inside.

Is this normal? I'm specially worried by the odd sounding switches. On some aluminum boards the sound gets amplified and they sound awful :P

Edit: Yup, exchanged the spring from a bad switch with one from a good switch and noise is gone.
2nd edit: Looks like at one point in production the bump in the 62g stems changed. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I like the old ones better.

I have some R9 an R10 62g zilents, but havenít got kits to put them into yet.  Now Iím worried about having to spring swap them...

I've tried lubing the bad springs: it does help a lot, now they are good enough, but still not the same quality as the better ones unlubed.

Hmm maybe this is the excuse Iíve needed to try out Sprit 63.5S springs

I've had the issue with the "crunchy" spring noise in earlier rounds, but my r9 zilents have been great out of the bag.


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