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USB Connectors for Flat Telephone Cable
« on: Sat, 11 January 2020, 20:03:11 »
A while ago, I did a hand-wire of an M0110, and it now plugs into my modern Macbook using a Mini-USB connection.

However, I still have the old-style phone cord cable laying around, and was thinking of converting it into a USB cable (since the one I'm using is a boring black). It has the right number of wires, so it should be pretty straightforward - just solder on the connectors and start using it. The only complication is that it looks like all of the USB connectors on the market work with a rounded cable. Any ideas - I suppose I could just use any connectors and some heat shrink, but then there would be a weak spot at the connectors.

The optimal situation would be some DIY connectors that take a flat cable.

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Re: USB Connectors for Flat Telephone Cable
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 12 January 2020, 16:09:31 »
3D printing is your answer

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Re: USB Connectors for Flat Telephone Cable
« Reply #2 on: Mon, 13 January 2020, 08:02:27 »
on the bare usb connectors, use some hot glue as strain relief before heat shrink. plus, you could extend the heat shrink as strain relief as well (make the heat shrink longer) or a couple different lengths layered (one over another) as strain relief.

on some of the "put-together" connectors, and as cheap as they are, you might be able to widen the hole where the wire goes in with an exacto knife or something. again, use hot glue to secure/center the wire inside the housing.

should end up with a pretty clean result either way. Viterbi, Apple m0110, Apple m0120, Apple m0110a, Apple 658-4081, Apple M1242, Apple AEK II, MK96, GH60/Pure, Cherry g84-4100, Adesso AKP-220B, Magicforce 68