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Games are so poorly optimised. And I feel it's only gonna get worse.

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I was looking at that new lord of the rings gollum game and was absolutely appalled by the system requirements. This the recommended requirements on steam.

        Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
        OS: Windows 10/11
        Processor: Intel Core i7-8700K / AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
        Memory: 16 GB RAM
        Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, 8GB (with DLSS Quality Setting) / AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT, 12GB
        DirectX: Version 12
        Storage: 45 GB available space
        Additional Notes: at Medium preset and 1080p, Ray Tracing on

Even with ray tracing I feel these are insane requirements. Keep in mind the minimum requirements are much lower, but I still feel that considering that game can run on Nintendo switch, this is way to much. I know that game developers don't care at all about gamers who play on pc, so they don't even remotely care about optimizing the game but this is getting a bit much. Storage sizes are especially bad with modern games. To me I feel this may get worse over time (let's just hope I don't have to take out a second kidney in a several years if I need to upgrade XD)

Would like to know what all of you think about it, and whether I'm over blowing the situation and I hope you have a good day or night!

That's seems to be accurately a mid-spec computer by 2023 standards no ?

Tp4 out of the loop,


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Sun, 11 June 2023, 08:59:17 ---That's seems to be accurately a mid-spec computer by 2023 standards no ?

Tp4 out of the loop,

--- End quote ---

As I said I may be over-blowing this so that's I asked for other people's input. I feel that for people who care a lot about computers like people on gh that is more medium to high range (more so medium because of that cpu), but for that average person that's very high end in comparison, especially the price, which I just approximated on a pc builder to be about 1500usd, you could always save on parts but that is mostly retail with parts that are similar in quality and cost relative to the part in question. That's a lot for someone to spend on a computer, especially for someone less well off.

Keep in mind those specs are for the gollum game, which can run on a nintendo switch and doesn't even look that impressive or advanced to warrant those specs for just medium settings with ray tracing. My point was about the lack of optimization for games like this and how I feel that this will get worse as studios "push the barrier" in terms of graphics. We have a lot more income to spend on computers than most people, but a lot of people can't and this limits them from playing games on pc in decent quality. Hope this clears up somethings.

Is there graphical complaint on the Gollem game ? Are people saying it looks bad or what ?

From videos I just watched, the artistry seems a bit light, caves look kinda boring, but if they're using raytracing, there's no getting around hardware requirements.

Most recent game I've played is cyberpunk, and that game runs surprisingly well all things considered (Plus I'm not really running on hardware they intended it to run on, despite what minimum requirements will say)
The best days of gaming are behind us, I was glad I could see some of it, but right now it's a split between big companies using them as glorified gambling addiction enablers, "esport bait" games (Valorant, OW, and the rest of their ilk), and "Art" games that are so pretentious the only people who like them are people with an agenda.


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