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Another big issue, stomach paralysis. So the increase in the hormone release slows stomach emptying, and some users end up with stomach paralysis,  and there are reports that the problem continued even AFTER they stopped taking the medication.


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Sun, 14 April 2024, 12:01:02 ---The brain acclimates to semaglutide the same way it would to any exogenous chemical. Over time you'd need more. The documentary already mentions that even within a year or 2, the dosage has to go up.

But what happens if someone uses this stuff for say 20 years, and suddenly comes off,  are we going to see suicides like zoloft (ssri)/ antidepressants ?

This is not a fix for anything, hesitate to even call it a good patch.

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There is no free lunch with anything in excess & taking any type of drug (for treatment or recreation) leads to an excess of whatever it mimics or forces our bodies to overproduce. Anyone who has any experience with drugs can tell you this stuff for weight loss is a terrible ideal. I get using it for diabetes or any other life threating condition cause the positives outweigh the negatives in that situation. For any other reason though, you're just asking for trouble.


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