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Any chance I can get a link to my F revival services in the proper place?

I had a stroke on February 24th and that is why I have been away.
Melvang I will add you now.

Any chance I can get my cheese thread and custom mouse pad thread added to the list?

Relevant links.

Mouse pads


Also, I would like to get my own subforum.  Including those two pages along with my F restoration thread.  If this is possible, I would like a title of Melvang's Skunk Works.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

If someone could remove me from the "Soldering/Assembly/Mods/Repair" section it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm on the hunt for some desoldering for something not-so-keyboard related - more specifically for desoldering a DVI connector off a graphics card pcb...

Would there be anyone from the desoldering/soldering directory up for such a task?


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