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--- Quote from: keymaster on Sun, 24 November 2013, 21:32:32 ---Thank you for providing an easier way for westerners to buy your products  :thumb:

--- End quote ---

Certainly agree here.

Nice to read and locate items off your website.  Keep it simple and easy to load into any browser, avoid any extra stupid graphics that takes time to load into our browsers because many of us 3rd Worlders, are still using corroded copper lines to see anything on the web.

Good work Imsto, keep it up buddy  :thumb:

Any plans to get some GH60 cases in stock? Apart from GB's and the low profile cases on MK there isn't really anything available without going through a TaoBao proxy.

I'm dead keen on one each of the following cases.

I 've had my eye on some of those thick PBT caps for a while.

One point of advice.  You list stabilizers on your store, but you don't say if they are PCB or plate mount stabilizers.

Hak Foo:
Looks like OpenCart.  We've used it for a few projects at work.  You might look into turning on the "SEO" feature in the admin panel.  This can give you prettier addresses like

instead of

Wow, nice 60% plates. Really interesting...


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