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[GB] UKKeycaps GB #3: GMK Escape Pack (7 keys) - 100% SHIPPED

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Based on the GMK Esc Pack interest check: 

This is UKKeycaps' group buy #3 for a GMK Esc Pack with 7 Keys

- Material = ABS
- Profile = Cherry
- Legends = Doubleshot
- Colours:


This is a UK based group-buy with the UK in mind, shipping is free to the UK and available at a fair price to the rest of the world

When/how long?
The group-buy will run for 5 weeks and will end on the 4h of November at 11:30pm. GMK lead times are usually estimated at around 8 weeks. As this isn't a large amount of keys I am hoping for a shorter lead time

How much?

The price for one Esc pack (7 GMK Escs) is 11.40 - Shipping is free to UK buyers
Shipping to the rest of the world will be 3.50

What is the MOQ / What if MOQ is not reached? 
The MOQ is 130 Esc packs. The MOQ is lower than GMK's usual 250 as UKKeycaps is willing to absorb some of the cost and is also willing to have packs left over after the GB to sell.

If the MOQ is not reached then all buyers will be refunded in full!

How can I get updates on the group-buy??
Follow the UKKeycaps facebook page! Or you could just keep an eye on this thread :D


Update #1 (08/10/15)

Due to community feedback the price of the GB has been lowered to 11.40 and has been extended by 2 weeks. As a result of the lowered price the MOQ is now slightly higher also. My group-buys are no longer allowed in the GB section of Geekhack as I'm a vendor, so please spread the word! The main post has been updated to reflect the new info! - All previous buyers have been refunded the difference.

Update #2 (26/10/15) 
Number of sets ordered is around 55 away from MOQ, however a Chinese vendor will be purchasing 80+ sets within the next few days so MOQ will be reached on completion of that payment! I will update this post when MOQ is reached :D

Update #3 (28/10/15)

MOQ reached! This GB will definitely be going ahead! Exactly one week left

Update #4 (04/11/15) 

The main buying window of the GB is now over, I will make the order with GMK ASAP, the product page is still accepting orders as currently there have been around 200 packs purchased, and so with GMK's 250 MOQ there are 50 leftovers remaining :D

Update #4 (13/11/15) 
I have made the order with GMK, they'll inform me of a lead time next week.

Update #5 (19/11/15)

ETA for the escape packs in mid-January, later than I hoped but they're very stretched currently.

Update #6 (17/01/16) 
GMK informed me that the keys are now more likely to be shipped to me around the start of February due to a delay from the company that supplies them their plastic to make the keycaps. This isn't too long of a delay and hopefully it will be the only one!

Approval bump!

already ordered 3 packs! come on guys, let's make this happen  :thumb:


Maybe by the end of the gb i might be able to join, right now i need to save about 300 euros to pay for my thesis prints :/


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