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Hi, I have a CM Storm Quickfire Pro I bought a year ago that I use at work.  I recently had just moved to a different office at work.  And being the neat freak that I am, I wanted to route and clean up my cables nicely, but the cable on my keyboard is too short to run through the routing I've set up for all my other computer/monitor cables.  I can plug it in at it's current position, but the cable would be running on top of my desk rather than underneath.

So I tried a longer cable at first, Monoprice gold plated mini USB 15 feet.  It did not work.  PC is saying unrecognized usb device and keyboard doesn't even light up.

I then tried an Amazon basics USB 2.0 extension 9 feet next.  I connected the OEM keyboard cable to the extension, then the extension to the pc.  PC didn't even detect the keyboard, and no lights on the keyboard as well.

Any thoughts on what I should try next?  Is the cable like something special that non-OEM cables would not work?  Or is it the length that's giving me issues?  If it's the length, I believe I just need another 3 feet for my setup.  Maybe I'll try a 3 feet extension instead of the 9 feet one.


- have CM Storm Quickfire Pro at work
- moved to different office, need longer cable
- 15 feet monoprice mini usb and 9 feet amazon basics usb extension did not work


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