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[GB] Cherry MX Patent Diagram A2 Screen Print

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Iconic in the mechanical keyboard community, the Cherry MX switch family has long been the benchmark for measuring all other competitors. This A2 size poster features an exploded diagram of the famous switch from the original patent document, dated 1984.

Lovingly produced by hand in the UK by 'I Dress Myself' eco-friendly screen printers, these prints keep it simple. Printed on a blank background of white high quality Vellum paper and produce using a single layer of black ink.

Screen printing produces high quality prints and this item would be ideal for framing for hanging in a home office, bedroom or anywhere else!

Is this available with negative colours?

Or a blueprint version?


--- Quote from: Giorgio on Sat, 01 October 2016, 11:44:30 ---Is this available with negative colours?

Or a blueprint version?

--- End quote ---

This first buy is just for the basic version as pictured. Future buys will feature more original designs

I'm wondering what's on the other two sheets of the patent.

Guh these are nice. I'm going to have to get one as soon as I get paid next week.


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