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[MechSupply] UKKeycaps Q-Series Skidata Keyset (Produced by Devlin)

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It's finally here after long months of organising, fine-tuning and negotiating!

Q-Series is a profile never reliably available to the community before. Produced for UKKeycaps/MechSupply by Devlin in the UK! Thick, high quality keycaps. This is not a group-buy you're gonna want to miss.

Read more on the product page by following the link above.

Interesting stuff. Might have to pick up a set to test the profile out :thumb:

First off, thank you very much for making this set available!

That being said, let's start off with some questions for a potential FAQ page.  :p

Regarding the space bar:

How does the texture differ between Devlin and DSA?

Is the space bar ABS or PBT?

Did you consider Signature Plastics G20 series caps for the space bar and why or why not?
[ie: If someone loves G20 would its space bar be a good fit for the Devlin profile?]

What Signature Plastics color code are you using?

Num-Pad & Non-Standard

Did you consider a 1.25 Func or FN key?  I only ask because almost every keyboard has one.

Otherwise congrats on keeping this down to two options!  :p


Ummm, I'm not really understanding why you re-posted that picture. Was there meant to be something more?


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