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[Status update] Maxkey SA Nuclear / SuperHero I / Ashen Round 2

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As you might have known, these 3 keysets have been postponed due to the modification of Maxkey's mold. And Maxkey has just informed us that Nuclear and Ashen Round 2 will be ready next week. It seems that Maxkey has altered the order of production due to technical reasons, and SuperHero I will be ready one week later than Ashen Round 2.

We have been pushing hard to get these sets produced as soon as possible, and Maxkey agreed to add 3 novelties to each set as a gift since the these sets have been delayed. The novelties will be randomly selected from previous Maxkey sets.

Tracking No. will be sent to you once once the sets got shipped.

Unfortunately, no shipment has arrived in our facility till now. We have been pushing hard on the Maxkey factory to get it ready ASAP.

It has been a very frustrating process, as we have 3 sets which all have been delayed by Maxkey.

Apologies for the delay.

Thank you for updating us. Even if the update is bad news, it's still nice to know you guys care.

Thank you! It is so frustrating. We are calling the factory several times a day. Will try out best to get them ship out asap. 

FYI: just received a text message from DHL about the Ashen r2 delivery. scheduled for nov 17th

Nice to see them finally being shipped out. Any news on extras?


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